5 Great Tips for Creating an Awesome Workspace at Home

After the year we’ve had, working from home has become the norm for a lot of us. Even though working from home eliminates the drive time to the office, and the stressors from interacting with people all day (I’m an introvert, nice to meet you!), new problems can come up at home. For instance, most kids were out of school for almost a year. Trying to have a conference call and telling your kid to get stop jumping on the couch doesn’t work out too well sometimes. Or, having the dog bark at the mailman while you’re on the phone with a customer is not ideal. The number one tip to creating an awesome workspace at home is finding the perfect space for your office.

  1. Find the perfect spot for you

Wherever you choose to have your office is completely up to you, as long as it serves you well. Make sure it’s a space that’s just yours and is comfortable to work in. When I say comfortable, I don’t just mean physically but also mentally. Make it a place that you know you’ll be able to work in for hours and not be ready to bolt as soon as you sit down. Make the workspaces your own! Tailor it to your needs and your workflow. To do this, you have to add elements of yourself to the workspace.

Make it a space you can fall in love with.

  1. Bring Life To Your Space

Your space doesn’t have to be all work. Make it fun! Add photos of your family and friends to your desk. Maybe get some great pictures for the walls so you’re not staring at blank space. Listen to your favorite music to give you a break from the phone calls and Zoom meetings. Make it as relaxing as possible (Nott too relaxing. You still have work to do!). Bring the colors that you like and add them around the space. Whether they’re bright and playful, or mute and reserved, make your space look the way you want it to. Make it a reflection of your personality. 

Speaking of bringing life to your space, try to give yourself a view if you can!

  1. Sit by a window/Find a great view

Sometimes having photos on your desk or great pictures on the wall, aren’t always going to relax your mind. Sometimes we need a little sunshine to get us through the day. Try picking a space where your desk can look out a window. Just so you can have some sort of connection with the outside world! Or if you work from a laptop like me, take a seat outside on your porch or in a park, maybe even the beach, and get some work done. Working from home is great but sometimes you just have to get out of the house! Whether you decide to stay in or change your scenery, make sure it’s someplace quiet. If not, always remember step number 4:

  1. Great Headphones

Buying some noise-canceling headphones or even just regular ones so you can hear your meetings/ phone calls more clearly is a lifesaver. As I’ve said before, sometimes you’re home with the kids or, you have a few pets and things aren’t always the calmest (or quietest) in your home. You just have to get creative and find a way around it. The last thing you need is to be in a serious meeting and have something inappropriate said in front of clients! Having a quiet space or some great headphones will make your life a lot easier!

  1. Organization

So you have your space, you made it beautiful (and quiet), now you just need to keep it organized! Visually keeping everything organized will help you mentally also. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I see papers everywhere my mind goes haywire. Keeping things in folders or a file cabinet can help cut down on the paperwork if you have any. Making a specific place for all of your things is so necessary, so in a moment of chaos, you’re not spending 30 minutes trying to find a pen. Keeping yourself organized also creates a better workflow for you!

Having a workspace that you feel comfortable and productive in will be so helpful to you in the long run! 
Take some pictures of your ideal workspace and tag @creativeambition_virtual on Instagram, or leave them in the comments below! You can also tag @creativeambitionvirtualsolutions on Facebook!


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