The Pivot Series: How to Expand Your VA Brand with Specialized Offers

A few months back I wrote a blog called “How to Pivot and Expand Your Virtual Assistant Brand and I figured, why not dig a little deeper into each suggestion. When it comes to virtual assisting, or any other career, things can get a little stale. You may start to feel stuck and wanting more. Whether it be financially or mentally, sometimes you just need to grow and expand. Adding another aspect to your VA business can give you the reach with your clients that you were searching for. This time we’ll be digging a little deeper into offering specialized services/programs for your clients. Even though I’ll be using virtual assisting as my example, applying the same concepts to any business will be sure to help you reach your growth goals.

Let’s start off with figuring out what you even want to offer. To do this, think of what you’re currently providing in your business and how you can kick up the services a notch. You don’t want to offer a specialized blogging service if you’ve never written one in your life, so make sure you offer something that you’re ACTUALLY good at. There’s nothing worse than charging a client high ticket prices for low quality work. Make sure you are very knowledgeable about the service you are offering. For myself, I decided I wanted to add a specialized program that helps clients with their social media. Social media is something that I love and could do all day if you let me! I like helping clients come up with ideas to connect and engage better with their audiences. I also love being able to take the pressure of social media off of my client’s shoulders so they can focus on more important tasks. Having an offer that you know the ins and outs of, is important to how successful your offer can be.

Once you pick what you want to offer, you’ll need to know who this offer is for. Having a great product means nothing if you’re marketing to the wrong audience. For instance, if you have a high ticket item for expanding your agency from six figures to seven figures, it wouldn’t be smart to market towards a brand new VA that’s just starting their journey. You would most likely focus on an agency that’s been well established for a few years and looking to grow. Researching your audience to see who would be a great fit for your product or services is just as important as the actual service you’re providing. Take your time, do your research and make sure you aren’t just throwing your product out there and hoping for someone to notice. Research is a huge part of getting any new service or product launched.

Next, you’ll want to map out from beginning to end what it will look like purchasing this new product or service from you. For my V.I.P Day program, I mapped out all of the services my client will receive once they purchase the program. I also made an outline of any documents that I would provide or need from the client that would help me to better assist them with their social media journey. You’ll also need to decide if your offer is a one-time thing or something that’s ongoing. With my service, it will last for a few hours but a follow up meeting after the program is offered for free. Clients also have the option to hire me for ongoing support to help implement the new goals and skills I’ve given to the clients during our V.I.P Day. Having a well put together workflow will not only make providing your service easier, but it will also create an amazing onboarding and offboarding experience for your clients. The flow of your process is another important part of the product or service you are providing.

The final aspect that you will need, which is often the hardest, is marketing. You have your audience, the service and your workflows put together. Now you need to tell people about it! How is anyone supposed to know about you if you don’t say anything. Closed mouths don’t get fed! Create a marketing strategy that works for your type of service/product. Be consistent with your strategy. Posting an ad or making an Instagram add one time isn’t going to give you the exposure you need. You really have to be focused and persistent with how, where and who you’re marketing to. Research to see which platform (IG, Facebook, MailChimp, google ads etc..) is the best way to promote your services. It by no means is going to be easy but having a great marketing strategy can go a long way.

Do your research, have a plan, be consistent and promote yourself!

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