Life Updates: The One Where I Traveled a Lot and Experienced Burnout

You guys…it has been a hell of a ride these past few months. From hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in a year to really focusing on what I want my career and life to look like…all of the things have been happening. Traveling has a way of opening your eyes to things you’ve never noticed about yourself before and making you think long and hard about what it is that you really want. Travel is also exhausting at the same time so, being smart with the way you travel is important.

For starters, I want to travel a whole lot more but, I intend to be more intentional with my traveling. I don’t want to travel just for the vacation and the content but, I would like to create experiences for myself that align with growing my business and skills as a virtual assistant/business owner. I don’t mean making everything all business ALL of the time. I created this business to help business owners and connect with others, so why not use travel to do that? One of my main goals moving forward is to be intentional with everything I do. Whether it’s business, mental or physical, I want everything I do to have purpose.

I’ve learned over the last year that I need to prioritize what’s best for me both in my personal life and business. Burnout has seemed to be a recurring theme for me this year and it opened my eyes to a lot of things I need to change. I have absolutely experienced burnout before while working a 9-5 but this has been on a whole different level. I think when it comes to being a solopreneur every emotion and worry is magnified by 1,000. This definitely includes that feeling of burnout. I intend to be better with stopping burnout before it happens and recognizing when some things are just out of my control.

Let’s face it.

I need to take a damn seat sometimes. It’s hard to admit but I don’t know how to relax especially when it comes to work and wanting to reach my goals. I constantly tell myself that “I don’t have time” and that makes the burnout and anxiety of it all even worse. I know I have to actively work on this every day because it isn’t going to get better overnight. Having a business isn’t a walk in the park and I don’t think people on the outside looking in understand that.

The burnout I’ve been experiencing for a while has been so draining that I made a promise to myself to NEVER let it get this bad again. I think with being more intentional, saying no to things that don’t really serve me and manifesting the life I want, I’ll be able to fight off burnout a lot easier. The rest of this year is all about refocusing, realigning and setting myself up to have the most stress-free work-life balance I can moving forward. The whole entrepreneur experience has been quite the challenge but has given me so much knowledge at the same time.

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