The Pivot Series: How to Expand Your VA Brand with Low Content Books

It has been FOREVER since I’ve given you all a pivot series tip! But I am here with another great (semi-passive) income stream!

Now, what is a low content book?

A low content book is something you create that doesn’t require too much design from you. For instance, a blank journal, photo album or even a children’s notebook. This type of content allows your customer to fill in the blanks…no pun intended. This opportunity is great for someone that isn’t too great a designing or creating copy. The most you’ll be doing is designing the cover. Now you can customize pages and add a special touch to them BUT, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. However, I must say that adding custom touches can set you apart from everyone else.

Now that we know what a low content book is, how do you make one? There is an awesome site called Book Bolt, that lets you create low content books AND they provide page templates for you to utilize. It’s as easy as selecting the type of book you would like to create and the size you would prefer. Click create and you’re 70% there. Book bolt also provides a keyword search, category search and allows you to search your competition to see what is doing well and what they are selling. They also have tutorial videos to help you get through your awesome creations! When I tell you guys that you get almost everything you need, I’m not exaggerating.

If that wasn’t great enough, you can make a free account with Kindle Direct Publishing to upload your designs! This means your designs will upload to Amazon and they will print and ship your items for you. All you do is add your description, title, Book Bolt design and select the price. I suggest adding keywords and categories to show up in more search results, but it isn’t required.

To make a cover to add to your Book Bolt design, I suggest using Canva. Book Bolt does offer some design aspects but, if you’re looking for something a little more customized, Canva would definitely be the way to go!

What happens after you upload?

The work doesn’t stop there. You have to promote it! You can promote your link on social media and blogs. How can anyone love your product if they don’t even know it exists? Be smart with your marketing and make sure it’s geared towards your desired customer. This is a revenue stream that you just post and ghost. You do have to put in some work to get it started. This is why I say this can be a somewhat semi-passive income. Most of the work is required in the beginning to get everything setup and promoted.

Last but not least, don’t forget to make a profile with Amazon Author. This is where you can also track all of your books and create a link that can be shared with anyone to view all of your books in one place. Unfortunately, KDP only gives you a single link to each book which can be a pain if you have a good bit of items. You can actually sign up for Amazon author through the KDP website!

I hope you guys find this useful and you’re able to generate another income for yourselves!

Have you ever created low content books? What are some of your tips for a successful low content book business? Leave a comment!

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