4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Pivoting in Your Business

So far, this year has been full of changes for me. I know it’s only been 3 months, but life is lifing okay! Whether they are welcomed or not, sometimes changes could lead to something better. When it comes to business, growth is always necessary. Growth is needed to make room for bigger and better things and expand your skill set. Yes, if things aren’t broke don’t fix it, but it is inevitable that there will be some change that comes up no matter what.

For me this year I decided that I needed to level up if I wanted the clients and life I’ve been dreaming of for so long. I love virtual assisting and that has been an amazing start to my career, but mama needs to really show what she can do! With that thought in the back of my head I decided to pivot into online business manager services. It’s scary as hell but very much needed for me to spread my wings so to speak and attract the clients I desire. In the process of me changing up my services and also getting serious about revamping my online store, I had to tell myself to chill the hell out on multiple occasions. We all have this fight or flight reaction when things start changing and we realize that we’re going to have to change as well. But there are a few realizations I had with myself as to why I shouldn’t fear the pivot and why I should embrace it.

  1. New Opportunities-Doing something you’ve never done before can lead to some pretty exciting and albeit, amazing opportunities. Have you ever heard the expression, “you have to do something you’ve never done before to get the results you’ve never had”? That’s the main thought I have when it comes to pivoting. I know for me to access the opportunities I desire; I have to switch things up.
  2. It’s your business! – Literally it’s your business and no one else should have a say in the matter. Also, it’s your business and you’re allowed to change your services and policies whenever you feel like it. We can get the fear that our clients or consumers may push back but that’s fine! You can take their opinions into consideration, but it is ultimately YOUR decision.
  3. Learning something new– Pivoting into a new service, product or market will allow you to expand your skills and knowledge. Even if the pivot doesn’t work in your favor, you still leave with some new knowledge that you never had before. Knowledge is king (or Queen).
  4. Starting Over– Sometimes we just need a reset. Whether it’s personal or business, having a fresh start will allow you to have a clear mind and get you ready to take on new opportunities. There’s something about giving yourself a clean slate that boosts your confidence, attracts more positivity and welcomes a growth mindset.

So, you see, pivoting really isn’t all that bad. Yes, it’s scary but on the other side of that fear will be the most exciting opportunity waiting for you! Remember, it’s your life and your business. If you change your mind, that’s okay because that’s life! Shit happens! As long as you’re happy with the changes you make and the path, you’re on, who cares what anyone else thinks. The beauty of pivoting is you can pivot again if something doesn’t work out or you need to revamp your plan!

Make your business what you want it to be!

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