Making the Most of the Holiday Season: 5 Ways to Give Back to Clients

I honestly can’t believe the year is almost over already!

It feels like we were all just screaming “Happy New Year!” and mapping out our 2022 and in the blink of an eye we’re on the heels of 2023. For every new year we start to plan out personal goals and what we’re leaving behind. “On to bigger and better things” is usually the motto.

Well…what about your clients?

I think every year your clients deserve a newer and more improved business flow from you. At the end of the day, they’re investing in you and without them, let’s be honest….you wouldn’t be where you are now. Showing a little gratitude can go a long way when it comes to building up your business relationships and maintaining them. So, I started to ask myself, “If I were a client, what would I want”?

To get into the holiday season, I started to think of ways to give back to my clients and I figured I’d share some with you guys too! These are just some simple and easy ways to get started with giving back to the clients that have supported you over the years.

☎️Referral Program

For me, referrals have been Queen for me. A referral is amazing because a potential client gets to receive first-hand experience form someone that is working with you. How likely are you to buy something or join a service if your friend is having a great experience? Exactly. It would pretty much be a no brainer on your part. Give your clients a treat whenever they send a great referral your way. It’s an awesome way to say thank you for the business and I appreciate you at the same. Discounting their package/service for the following month after their referral completes at least 30 days with you is just one way you can implement a referral program.

🎈Birthday Discount or gift

Nothing says happy birthday like something free or a discount. We all love getting gifts for our birthday and clients are no different. What better way to celebrate a birthday, than with a discount or a nice gift! A gift card, mug, a good book or package discount for their birthday month could be much appreciated. The amount of the discount is totally up to you. It can be based on how much a client spends with you or give a flat birthday rate for all of your clients.

🎁Christmas Discount or gift

With Christmas around the corner, now would be a great time to send a little gift to clients. Something small but meaningful would do just the trick. Of course, a significant discount for December or January would be an awesome surprise as well.

🎉Anniversary Gift

Celebrate your amazing partnership with your clients by giving a token of appreciation for their partnership with you. It’s a great way to recognize the longevity of the partnership you’ve created with your client and how much you’ve both grown together.

📇Business Upgrades

I think upgrading your workflows and client experience can speak volumes to a client. It’s another way of showing your worth and essentially showing your client where their investment is going. It’s important to reinvest into your business as often as you can because you shouldn’t be using the same systems that you’ve had from day one. Providing a higher level of service, attracts a higher level of client and a higher quality of system should be used to match these upgrades.

Whatever you see fit and depending on the market that you’re in, your version of giving back can look a little different than everyone else’s. Try implementing these gives backs for the new year and let me know hwat worked and what didn’t!

Drop a comment on how you’ve given back to clients and how it was received.

Happy holidays!

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When Are you Going to Realize That You’re Actually Fucking Killing It?!

So, I haven’t been as grateful as I should be this last year and it sucks. I have been so wrapped up in negativity and being worried, that I’ve been ignoring the wins I’ve been having. I don’t know about you but, it’s so damn hard for me to see the good that’s right in front of me. It’s literally jumping up and down in my face waving it’s hands and yelling my name but, still, I choose to focus on the negativity.

Like, what the hell is that about?

Let me give you some examples. Fair warning they’ll make you want to cuss me out. Last year was a pretty rough year for me in terms of business. Some of my client base was a little inconsistent which led me to struggle a financially. As you can imagine that started to take a toll on me and imposter syndrome started to creep back in. I was really beginning to doubt myself. I almost thought my business wasn’t worth it. This year things are a lot more stable, but I keep focusing on my business not being where I would like it to be. You see how I sprinkle a little bit of negativity in with the positive? I know. I can feel you rolling your eyes. Trust me you’re not the only one. I’ve been choosing to focus on the lack of growth instead of the fact that I’ve almost doubled my business revenue since last year. Or the fact that I’ve signed another amazing client a few months ago. For anyone else these would be major wins. To me, I shrug my shoulders and feel like I need to work harder. Even writing this makes me cringe at how blind I am to my progress.

You see what I mean?

I feel like if I get too comfortable then the progress will stop. How about struggling with raising my rates for two years, finally pulling the trigger and making it a reality for 2023? I didn’t even celebrate that for myself. Yes, I did the obligatory social media update but, I didn’t truly give myself a pat on the back. It’s almost like I checked this one worry off of my list and jumped right into the next one. I never know how to sit in my accomplishments and take it all in. I constantly have this feeling of things not being enough and it’s seriously killing my “Boss Babe” vibes.

So, what’s the plan?

From now on I want to be more open to receiving my wins and not automatically thinking of the next hard task I think I need to accomplish. This year was better than last, and I know next year will be even better. Practicing mindfulness within my business and myself for 2023 to help clean up these mental bad habits is the first thing on my list. It’s definitely hard to unlearn the negative mindset I’ve created over the years but I’m no longer willing to let it stunt my growth.

I don’t know if it’s the holidays coming up or what but, I probably should show a little more gratitude to myself and my business. After all, it’s helping me build the life I’ve always dreamed of having for so many years. I realize I’ve been manifesting this dream life and it doesn’t just happen overnight. These things take time and giving up over a few bumps in the road is never an option.

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The Pivot Series: How to Expand Your VA Brand with Low Content Books

It has been FOREVER since I’ve given you all a pivot series tip! But I am here with another great (semi-passive) income stream!

Now, what is a low content book?

A low content book is something you create that doesn’t require too much design from you. For instance, a blank journal, photo album or even a children’s notebook. This type of content allows your customer to fill in the blanks…no pun intended. This opportunity is great for someone that isn’t too great a designing or creating copy. The most you’ll be doing is designing the cover. Now you can customize pages and add a special touch to them BUT, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. However, I must say that adding custom touches can set you apart from everyone else.

Now that we know what a low content book is, how do you make one? There is an awesome site called Book Bolt, that lets you create low content books AND they provide page templates for you to utilize. It’s as easy as selecting the type of book you would like to create and the size you would prefer. Click create and you’re 70% there. Book bolt also provides a keyword search, category search and allows you to search your competition to see what is doing well and what they are selling. They also have tutorial videos to help you get through your awesome creations! When I tell you guys that you get almost everything you need, I’m not exaggerating.

If that wasn’t great enough, you can make a free account with Kindle Direct Publishing to upload your designs! This means your designs will upload to Amazon and they will print and ship your items for you. All you do is add your description, title, Book Bolt design and select the price. I suggest adding keywords and categories to show up in more search results, but it isn’t required.

To make a cover to add to your Book Bolt design, I suggest using Canva. Book Bolt does offer some design aspects but, if you’re looking for something a little more customized, Canva would definitely be the way to go!

What happens after you upload?

The work doesn’t stop there. You have to promote it! You can promote your link on social media and blogs. How can anyone love your product if they don’t even know it exists? Be smart with your marketing and make sure it’s geared towards your desired customer. This is a revenue stream that you just post and ghost. You do have to put in some work to get it started. This is why I say this can be a somewhat semi-passive income. Most of the work is required in the beginning to get everything setup and promoted.

Last but not least, don’t forget to make a profile with Amazon Author. This is where you can also track all of your books and create a link that can be shared with anyone to view all of your books in one place. Unfortunately, KDP only gives you a single link to each book which can be a pain if you have a good bit of items. You can actually sign up for Amazon author through the KDP website!

I hope you guys find this useful and you’re able to generate another income for yourselves!

Have you ever created low content books? What are some of your tips for a successful low content book business? Leave a comment!

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Life Updates: The One Where I Traveled a Lot and Experienced Burnout

You guys…it has been a hell of a ride these past few months. From hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in a year to really focusing on what I want my career and life to look like…all of the things have been happening. Traveling has a way of opening your eyes to things you’ve never noticed about yourself before and making you think long and hard about what it is that you really want. Travel is also exhausting at the same time so, being smart with the way you travel is important.

For starters, I want to travel a whole lot more but, I intend to be more intentional with my traveling. I don’t want to travel just for the vacation and the content but, I would like to create experiences for myself that align with growing my business and skills as a virtual assistant/business owner. I don’t mean making everything all business ALL of the time. I created this business to help business owners and connect with others, so why not use travel to do that? One of my main goals moving forward is to be intentional with everything I do. Whether it’s business, mental or physical, I want everything I do to have purpose.

I’ve learned over the last year that I need to prioritize what’s best for me both in my personal life and business. Burnout has seemed to be a recurring theme for me this year and it opened my eyes to a lot of things I need to change. I have absolutely experienced burnout before while working a 9-5 but this has been on a whole different level. I think when it comes to being a solopreneur every emotion and worry is magnified by 1,000. This definitely includes that feeling of burnout. I intend to be better with stopping burnout before it happens and recognizing when some things are just out of my control.

Let’s face it.

I need to take a damn seat sometimes. It’s hard to admit but I don’t know how to relax especially when it comes to work and wanting to reach my goals. I constantly tell myself that “I don’t have time” and that makes the burnout and anxiety of it all even worse. I know I have to actively work on this every day because it isn’t going to get better overnight. Having a business isn’t a walk in the park and I don’t think people on the outside looking in understand that.

The burnout I’ve been experiencing for a while has been so draining that I made a promise to myself to NEVER let it get this bad again. I think with being more intentional, saying no to things that don’t really serve me and manifesting the life I want, I’ll be able to fight off burnout a lot easier. The rest of this year is all about refocusing, realigning and setting myself up to have the most stress-free work-life balance I can moving forward. The whole entrepreneur experience has been quite the challenge but has given me so much knowledge at the same time.

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The Pivot Series: How to Expand Your VA Brand with An Online Store

Who doesn’t like finding another way to make extra money?

Who doesn’t like making money from home?

A great way to expand your virtual assistant business is to start an online store to passively (somewhat) create another stream of income for yourself. The reason why I say it’s sort of passive is because you do need to put in a lot of work initially to get everything started but, once everything is set up and running well, you can kind of sick back a little bit and watch the revenue come in. This will only happen if you put in the effort that you need to.

Having online store gives you the freedom to sell your products from anywhere at any time. Unlike a brick and mortar, you don’t need to physically be in any specific place to get your product sold. Starting an online business also gets rid of the usual overhead costs you would expect when having a physical store. Overall, an online business gives you the freedom to make some extra revenue from the comfort of your home. Much like your virtual assistant business, or any online business you may have started.

One thing I will say is, starting an online store can happen overnight but, starting a successful online business takes much more time than that. The effort you put into your online store is what you will get out of it. Let’s just take a quick recap of my online store I started back in 2020. I thought I did enough research and soon realized that whatever I thought I did wasn’t good enough. I started an Etsy store and decided to sell coffee mugs and office supplies. I found something called Printify that provided the product and would put your design on everything and ship it all out for you. That meant no shipping or packaging anything on your end which was great! However, I probably made 6 or 7 sales in a year. I had the Instagram page, promoted and even paid for ads but nothing was clicking. So, I shut down went back to the drawing board, studied more about marketing on social media and decided digital products were probably the best avenue for me. Digital products are great because there isn’t a physical product. You don’t have to ship or package anything. All you need is an idea and Canva to get started. This alone still isn’t enough to create a successful business. The store isn’t up and running yet because I want to do a little more research before, I open up again. I want things to be better than they were before and done correctly this time.

There are a few things you need to know to start a successful online business:

  1. Do your research!

If you think you’ve done enough research, you probably haven’t. Research and research some more after that. If you don’t have a solid plan, then you’re already starting off on the wrong foot. Research your product idea, your target customer and how to market yourself. Research which ecommerce platform would be best for you to get your business up and running.

2. Pick a product or service that you would actually buy

Don’t ever sell something you wouldn’t buy because that’ll fail from the start. How can you successfully sell a product or service to someone that you don’t even like? Make it make sense please. Also, selling something you don’t like will end up making you hate what you’re doing. It won’t be exciting, and it’ll just be a quick way to make some money. You have to be passionate about what you’re promoting for your business to be successful.

3. Promote

Take time to research ads and marketing. Really understand how to position yourself online so that the customers come to you. You have to be persistent with this or it just won’t work. I feel like more of your time should be spent here since it’s where most of your sales will probably come from.

4. Start slow

Please start off with one product. It’s easy to get carried away and start branching off but master one product first before you start dabbling in others. When you get the marketing and your first product right, branching off into another should be a breeze. You don’t want to burn yourself out trying to promote a million things when the first one isn’t doing well (yet).

Take your time when it comes to starting an online business. It can be an amazing stream of revenue for you but only if you take your time and really do your research. It is not going to happen overnight by any means. It truly takes time for any kind of business to become successful and profitable. Do not give up or get stressed out because you’re not making 10k a month after two minutes of promotion. Try not to compare yourself to all of these people you read about in blogs or see on Instagram and YouTube. Go at your own pace and create something that you love that other people will easily fall in love with.

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The Pivot Series: How to Expand Your VA Brand with Specialized Offers

A few months back I wrote a blog called “How to Pivot and Expand Your Virtual Assistant Brand and I figured, why not dig a little deeper into each suggestion. When it comes to virtual assisting, or any other career, things can get a little stale. You may start to feel stuck and wanting more. Whether it be financially or mentally, sometimes you just need to grow and expand. Adding another aspect to your VA business can give you the reach with your clients that you were searching for. This time we’ll be digging a little deeper into offering specialized services/programs for your clients. Even though I’ll be using virtual assisting as my example, applying the same concepts to any business will be sure to help you reach your growth goals.

Let’s start off with figuring out what you even want to offer. To do this, think of what you’re currently providing in your business and how you can kick up the services a notch. You don’t want to offer a specialized blogging service if you’ve never written one in your life, so make sure you offer something that you’re ACTUALLY good at. There’s nothing worse than charging a client high ticket prices for low quality work. Make sure you are very knowledgeable about the service you are offering. For myself, I decided I wanted to add a specialized program that helps clients with their social media. Social media is something that I love and could do all day if you let me! I like helping clients come up with ideas to connect and engage better with their audiences. I also love being able to take the pressure of social media off of my client’s shoulders so they can focus on more important tasks. Having an offer that you know the ins and outs of, is important to how successful your offer can be.

Once you pick what you want to offer, you’ll need to know who this offer is for. Having a great product means nothing if you’re marketing to the wrong audience. For instance, if you have a high ticket item for expanding your agency from six figures to seven figures, it wouldn’t be smart to market towards a brand new VA that’s just starting their journey. You would most likely focus on an agency that’s been well established for a few years and looking to grow. Researching your audience to see who would be a great fit for your product or services is just as important as the actual service you’re providing. Take your time, do your research and make sure you aren’t just throwing your product out there and hoping for someone to notice. Research is a huge part of getting any new service or product launched.

Next, you’ll want to map out from beginning to end what it will look like purchasing this new product or service from you. For my V.I.P Day program, I mapped out all of the services my client will receive once they purchase the program. I also made an outline of any documents that I would provide or need from the client that would help me to better assist them with their social media journey. You’ll also need to decide if your offer is a one-time thing or something that’s ongoing. With my service, it will last for a few hours but a follow up meeting after the program is offered for free. Clients also have the option to hire me for ongoing support to help implement the new goals and skills I’ve given to the clients during our V.I.P Day. Having a well put together workflow will not only make providing your service easier, but it will also create an amazing onboarding and offboarding experience for your clients. The flow of your process is another important part of the product or service you are providing.

The final aspect that you will need, which is often the hardest, is marketing. You have your audience, the service and your workflows put together. Now you need to tell people about it! How is anyone supposed to know about you if you don’t say anything. Closed mouths don’t get fed! Create a marketing strategy that works for your type of service/product. Be consistent with your strategy. Posting an ad or making an Instagram add one time isn’t going to give you the exposure you need. You really have to be focused and persistent with how, where and who you’re marketing to. Research to see which platform (IG, Facebook, MailChimp, google ads etc..) is the best way to promote your services. It by no means is going to be easy but having a great marketing strategy can go a long way.

Do your research, have a plan, be consistent and promote yourself!

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Working 9-5 and Balancing Business While Trying Not to Go Crazy

Thought I would do this blog a little differently and give you guys a story time. The last few months have been interesting to say the least and sometimes I didn’t know what was going to happen.

Let’s start with the end of summer. By this point business was going well and I was almost where I needed to be to reach my income/client goal. Things were awesome and I felt excited about working from home and being able to pick and travel wherever I want, whenever I wanted (PTO who?). By August however, I lost most of my hours and some clients which you can guess did not have me in the best headspace. I started questioning EVERYTHING even though I shouldn’t have. I think I couldn’t accept the fact that there wasn’t anything I did wrong, it was just business. Things can be great one minute and in flames the next when you’re a contractor. You never know what could happen.

Fast forward to October and things were really looking dismal to say the least. I struggled with the fact that I would possibly have to get a 9-5. As much as I wanted this entrepreneur life, things needed to be taken care of by any means necessary and going back to the office life for a little bit was the only option. I spent weeks searching for jobs and had a couple of promising options. I found a hybrid position that I thought would’ve been great, but the management seemed a little off (they canceled my interview at the last minute and booked me two weeks later). The next one I found was only a two-month contract but right when I signed, I found something even better (or so I thought) before my start date.

Finally! I found a 9-5 Mon-Friday work from home position (yay me!). I thought it would be pretty easy. We were pretty much customer service representatives just giving out info. No sweat right? Very much wrong. Turns out we were approving customer applications and then creating forms for every call we took. Not what was said in the beginning but….whatever. A little admin work never hurt anyone. As I slowly started to get acclimated to the new position, I quickly started to see that no one knew what the hell they were doing. More so in terms of communication which I knew was not going to sit well with me. From starting the position in December up until two days ago, they changed my schedule about 3 or 4 times. Your girl was tired and fed up to say the least.

My first red flag is when a manager went off on an agent in a meeting when she could hear her baby. The second was the schedule switch and the third was when I went to Colorado but ended not being able to work and they wrote me down as know call no show for ALL of the days when they were notified days before. My intention was to work but got there and found out the resort had nowhere for me to plug in my ethernet cable. I reached out to someone about this and literally no one cared. I almost quit 4 times since then, BUT I was trying to hold on because I had to get shit done. These no call no shows will come in to play later.

Now I’m annoyed with everything because when they switch my schedule, I notify clients, so they’re not surprised. But they were switching so much that I didn’t feel like it was worth it to keep updating just for it to change again. This made it hard to plan meetings or fine time for work which was causing me to work on my days off or work on business right after I clocked out from the 9-5. It was getting stressful and causing me more anxiety than I thought it should have but, at this point I’m STILL trying to keep it together. This is when they decided to change schedules again while on my day off (awesome).

I spent both my days off waiting for a call to change my schedule and had to change my options multiple times because shifts were being taken and no call was received. All of this happened just for me to find out on my own that I was let go (also awesome). Turns out the call volume they expected was not what they thought it would. No surprise that they let a whole bunch of people go. However, they randomly sent a policy on attendance during my day off to everyone. Basically, saying if you had no shows, you can be terminated and all of that other good stuff. You and I both know they held their no-show mistake against me. When I found out I was terminated I honestly felt relief. Relief for not having to clock in and out anymore or getting anxiety every time, the phone rang. I have my flexibility back now and I can’t explain how happy that makes me. I explained what happened to my clients and the consensus shows me that they’re happy I’m free from that company and that bigger things are on the way. I literally picked up more hours right before and I have more on the way making it possible for me not having to seek out another 9-5.

When one door closes another one opens!

I’m so happy and looking forward to what is coming over the next few months. Working a 9-5 and running my business was difficult because I actually had to be on someone else’s time and not my own. I couldn’t just schedule what I wanted or work how I wanted which really put a damper on my confidence the last couple months. Working a 9-5 while working on business isn’t a death sentence to your entrepreneur life. Making sure you have the right 9-5 to fit your needs will definitely make it easier. Trying to find one that’s at least work from home is half the battle. Finding one with simple work and great communication is another story.

I just wanted to share my experience about the last few months and be transparent about what could happen when you work from home providing a service. It isn’t always easy, and things won’t always go your way but, sticking it out and holding on to your why for your business is something that will definitely get you through the toughest of times. Remembering how far I’ve come and what the end goal was for me, helped pull me out of the rut I was in. The support I had at home as well kept me from completely losing my mind. Having an awesome support system whether at home or online can make a difference!

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5 of My Absolute Favorite Daily Tools to Use as a Virtual Assistant

When you become a virtual assistant, you have to learn how to play the juggling act. Juggling clients, time, and your own business tasks. It’s safe to say that you’ll need to be organized and efficient. Starting out, there are so many different programs, apps and God knows what else to help you get through your day as a virtual assistant. By trial and error I figured what worked for me, my work flow and what made me more efficient. Now this could change over time because what you need when you’re the only employee, versus having 100 employees can be totally different. But for now, this is what has been working for me!

  1. Canva

I love CANVA! It is so easy to use and allows you to create quick and cute graphics or documents for your client. I use use it almost everyday for my business posts, and for my clients social media. The learning curve isn’t bad at all and honestly it’s so much fun to use. When I first joined the membership was about $1 a month, but now I have a plan that’s a little under $120 for the year. Keep a look out for deals, because Canva always has a random deal here and there.

  1. Asana

This program has been such a life saver! I love staying organized and color coding my tasks. Asana allows me to easily do all of this. I do have the free version of Asana because it’s just me right now and I have a handful of clients, but honestly it’s all I need. You can invite your clients to your account (or vice versa) and create a board that you both can contribute to. You can track your tasks, their due dates, upload files video and photos. It’s the first program that I open in the morning when I’m about to start my day. I actually use to organize my personal tasks as well. It has a tiny bit of a learning curve, but nothing you can’t figure out in 30 mins at the most.

  1. Honeybook

Honeybook is literally a one stop shop! I’m able to send invoices, proposals and contracts to clients, all in one go. I even have automated workflows that I can customize and link to specific clients. So, if someone reaches out through my contact form, it’ll trigger the workflow depending on the type of project they want me to work on. Setting up the automations can be rough depending on what you need BUT once it’s setup, your life is so much easier. You don’t have to remember to send a welcome email or an offboarding survey. It’s literally setup and ready to go. It’s also easy to set up payments through Honeybook so that’s not a hassle either. They do have fees for transactions, but they’re about the same as other programs I’ve come across. Honeybook also allows you to post projects that you need help with and allows you to search projects that you want to work on. It has it’s own little community of entrepreneurs!  

  1. External Hard drive

So I ALWAYS have an issue with my computers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Your motherboard is fried”. One of the things I knew I had to invest in was an external hard drive. That way if anything went wrong (which I know it will given my luck), I would still have all of my work and not have to worry about anything. I usually make a folder for every new client I sign on with, just to keep all of their info and my work for them organized. I purchased mine here on amazon.

  1. Google Drive

Google drive is another favorite of mine because I can share huge files and documents with my clients. They also send me documents to edit which is great, because your changes automatically save and you don’t have to email each other back and forth too much! I mostly use it when we’re editing blogs or when I need to share a newsletter draft with clients. It’s simple and easy to use. Honestly who doesn’t use google at this point!

These are just some of the things I use on a daily basis and I hope they can become useful to you too! Comment and share some of your favorite tools that you like to use when you’re working from home.

How to Pivot and Expand Your Virtual Assistant Brand

So you’re business is up and running. Everything is perfect but you want a little bit more. You want to expand your reach and increase your revenue. This is where pivoting comes in. This is where you change things up (a little bit or a lot) and expand your products, services or your branding. Maybe you offer social media services for clients, but now you want to sell digital downloads of Instagram mood boards or post templates (yes that’s a thing). If you’re not sure what to do or how to do it, don’t worry! I’ll provide you with a few ideas to get you started!

1. Offer a specialized program

It’s not a bad idea to pick a certain aspect of your business that you really love and create a special program around it. For instance, I created what I like to call my V.I.P Day program. I provide services that range from social media to customer service for my clients. BUT, I realized how much I love social media management! So, I decided to create a specialized program where clients can meet with me for one day and discuss all things social media! Having a special offer or program is another way to add something special to your business and increase revenue!

2. Online Shop

Creating an online shop is another great way to expand your brand. If you run a small coffee shop, maybe you can sell coffee mugs or accessories. If you’re a hairdresser, selling your own haircare line is an amazing option. For myself, I decided to dabble in digital products and coffee mugs. In regard to digital downloads, you can create resume and cover letter templates, daily planners, printable wall art and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Find something that you actually like and go for it. Don’t just make something because another person is making tons of money off of it. You really need to enjoy creating your product. Don’t forget to RESEARCH! Having a plan before you create your shop is extremely important.

3. Blogging

Blogging is another way to reach your audience and customers. With blogging you’re able to expand on those quick social media posts that you put out. You can really go into detail about certain topics that are very important to you. Along with blogging you can also pair that with affiliate marketing. For any systems, products or services you use, check and see if that company offers an affiliate link. That way you can add links to your blog for people to check out and sign up or purchase things that you truly enjoy. NEVER link a product or service that you wouldn’t use yourself. That wouldn’t be good business!

4. Offering a low-ticket product or service

This option is pretty simple. If you have an extensive V.I.P Day offer that’s $1,200. How about offering a V.I.P Hour for $200. It doesn’t have to be these exact amounts, but you get the idea. You can offer something that’s a snapshot of your more extensive service. Not everyone needs the same thing and offering some low-ticket items could help attract a new group of clients for you.

5. Create an online course

Creating an online course is an awesome way to share more knowledge with your audience. There are all kinds of systems you can use for creating courses. Which one you choose will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish and how extensive you want your course to be. I recommend trying out a few different systems, using their free trial, and seeing which one feels better to you!

There are so many more ways to expand your business and brand! These are just a few of the ways you can do so. Whichever option you choose, make sure to research your market and choose something you love!

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